TREVI 1971 – ECO

The “green spirit” capsule collection   Optical frames with a hint of vintage: a range of feminine soft shapes comes up besides squared, light masculine shapes.  Trevi 1971 – ECO logo identifies the company roots: Trevi-Coliseum is nestled in the Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage Site, and it underlines the importance given to the preservation of … Read more

Trevi 1971 – The Sun Limited Edition

RETRO CHARM WITH A CONTEMPORARY SPIRIT.   Born to be eternal, born to give the best visual experience ever at the highest comfort level. The new limited edition Trevi1971 sunglasses is the perfect combination between a timeless design and the latest research in lens technology. Iconic shapes recalling the fashion style of Hollywood divas of … Read more

50 years at the optician’s side!

Born in 1971 in Domegge di Cadore, Trevi-Coliseum celebrates its 50th Anniversary: this big achievement was made possible through the great skills of all the people who have been part of the company through the years. A history of expertise and knowledge in the production & selling of optical frames and sunglasses with Its brands: … Read more

“The Keepers”

Trevi-Coliseum: the new advertising campaign 2021   Back to the origins, back to your roots in an intimate connection with nature: beyond the highest peaks, inside the ancient Dolomites’ forests, the new advertising campaign (“The Keepers”) takes its shape. Trevi-Coliseum focuses on a message of freedom: this is the leitmotif of Clark and Trevi1971 collections … Read more


Clark Kids frames are created to perfectly adapt to the physiognomy of children and their activities. Resistant and practical, Clark Kids frames do not weigh on the nose, do not hurt behind the ears and do not tire even if worn all day. They are simply comfortable, fun and colourful. model P189 with his flexible … Read more

Coliseum Crystal – The unique purity of crystal

Coliseum Crystal – The unique purity of crystal In a perfect combination of romantic inspiration and craftsmanship, the new Coliseum Crystal capsule fascinates with its elegant architectural lines and a glamorous allure. The design of the Coliseum Crystal frames is the sophisticated one of the Coliseum collection. The processes have a degree of sophistication and … Read more


The new models of Clark collection for woman focus on colours: the acetates shine with a bright new range of colours you’ve never seen before. The shapes are simple, yet ensuring lightness and flexibility for a superior wearing comfort.