Find out Cotton Club collections for men and women

It is a unisex line which targets young customers, a highly contemporary, trendy collection coming with fashionable shapes and colours for a guaranteed appeal. Rich in high-tech details, it suits dynamic, fashion-conscious consumers. The Cotton Club Trend and Teen collections stem from the company’s creative laboratory and use innovative technology solutions that combine different materials to create elegant, pleasing visual contrasts. The search for unique models and exclusive shapes and components is aimed at achieving a distinctive, original look. The brand’s icons include Miles Davis and the Manhattan Transfer band, world-renowned jazz stars who endorsed the collection when it was first launched.


Find out how we create our new Cotton Club frames!
All models are manufactured in Italy using exclusively 100% Italian acetates.
All plastics, both on fronts and temples, are symmetrically and asymmetrically glued to give birth to a gorgeous optical frames, thoroughly handcrafted and thus not industrially reproducible.

Shapes and colours target a young customer but also a more mature person who is looking for an elegant and classy design.

Temples are very thin and comfortable to wear, even without flex.
All markings are made with laser and then filled with colour for better durability and readability.
This collection truly enhance the handcrafted Made in Italy.


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